What Are Long Tail Keywords And Their Benefits

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Many times i get questions about keywords and mostly the question is what are long tail keywords ? So i am going to explain it clearly.

What Are Long Tail Keywords ?

They are keywords which are formed from a phrase which consists more than 4 words with your main keyword to make it more clear for Google to understand your article. Long tail keywords are good for your blog because it have less competition and great search volume too.

long tail keywords

Let’s take an example for better understanding, Shoes is your head keyword, While “red Nike men running shoes” is a long tail keyword.

Now, If somebody searches shoes then he could be interested in any types of shoes like casual, formal, boots e.t.c, While on the other hand if somebody searches “red Nike men running shoes” then he is interested in the particular type of shoes. Using this type of keywords helps Google to clearly understand what’s your article about.

Benefits of Long Tail Keywords

long tail keywords tools


     1. Make Post Writing Easy

It makes your post writing easy. You will not need to write all detail about your keyword if you make it more specific. For example, If you are writing about SEO then you will have to write everything about keywords, search engines and many more. While if you make if more specific like about top 10 SEO methods, Then you will have to write less and you can write in more detail.

     2. Low Competition

Long tail keywords have less search volume as compared to other types of keywords. So many big bloggers don’t target this keywords. So it have less competition and you can easily try to rank for it.

     3. High Engagement And Conversion

These type of keywords have great conversion rate. For example, if you wrote an article of Nike running shoes then visitors searching about that specific model can buy from your affiliate link as compared to visitors searching about another model.