5 Best Google Adsense Alternatives (2018)

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Are you searching for Google Adsense alternatives, because your Adsense account have been disabled or temporarily banned ?

Google Adsense is one of the best way to monetize your blog, But not the only way. If your Adsense account is disabled then don’t waste your time by trying to get it re-enabled, You can try many other alternatives.

5 Best Google Adsense Alternatives

So, Below are the 5 best Adsense alternatives from which you can monetize your blog and keep earning money.

best adsense alternatives

    5. Amazon Associates

As, you all know Amazon is the largest online market in world. If you are searching for an affiliate type ad network, then Amazon associates is the right choice for you. Amazon allows you to put image ads on your blog. And return of that you get commission on every product sold from through your link.

adsense alternatives for low traffic

Let’s say if you wrote an review about an laptop costing $1000 and put affiliate ad of that product, Then you can get up-to $100 commission per sale. Another advantage is you will get paid even visitor buys another product from Amazon beside your recommended product.

You can withdraw your payment through Bank transfer.

    4. Infolinks

Infolinks is another biggest monetization network in the world. It have more than 250000+ publishers in 120+ countries. They provide native ads service which works best with all ad solutions and also don’t disturb user’s experience with your blog.

From video ads to banner ads, It have all the power to get you most out of your traffic. Their platform is free to use, no restrictions of low traffic and without setup fees.

Infolinks works with leading companies like Facebook, Amazon, Ebay and many more.

    3. PopAds

You can enable PopAds for your blog in any country of the world. They are specialised in pop under ads. And another good thing is you can paid daily, if your earning is $5 or more.

Their are many monetization method available like pop under, tab ups e.t.c. Their approval method is very simple and it takes a few minutes to setup ads on your blog.

best adsense alternative

    2. RevContent

It is also an native ads network with best approval process and best quality ads in the industry. Native ads attract more clickers because it looks like related articles in your blog. They have great engagement rate.

revcontent ad network

Also Revcontent ads have great CPC you can easily get 1-10 cents per click. They have publishers all over the world. Revcontent pays more revenue share as compared to other ad networks. You must try this ad network if you are searching for best Google Adsense alternatives.

    1. Media.Net

Media.net is an Yahoo and Bing network. It is one of the industry leading ad network, Which have their operation centres in New York, Los Angles, Mumbai, Bangalore and Dubai too.

It is the one the best Google Adsense alternatives. And also they are on number 2 in regard to revenue earned by ad network. They take 2-3 days to approve your account. Approval process is strict, But way more better than Adsense approval process. In which you have to wait weeks and even months sometimes.

At last…

Google Adsense is an good source of income through your blog, But it is not the only way you can earn from your blog. There are many bloggers who not even uses Adsense to monetize their blog but still they earn a lot !